AEC Collection  - Tase

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Collection

This collection comprises integrated BIM tools for the design of buildings, infrastructure and construction.

It allows you to: 

Access a wide range of 3D design software for your work

Benefit from the tools you need today and tomorrow, as the collection and your business evolve.


Make use of interoperable tools for CAD and BIM workflows 

The CAD processes that you use to optimise design and documentation can now be connected to the powerful design workflows based on 3D models.


Choose products of interest to you 

Download and install what you want, when you want, whether for specific needs, to meet the requirements of a project or a specific client or to explore new workflows.


Use mobile applications and make the most of the power of the Cloud 

Create and display rich visualisations, work directly on the ground and save your designs.

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