• applies to all stages of a project - from programming to operation, 
  • involves all disciplines
  • Consists of entering or capturing, processing and extracting digital data concerning the building, 

Human aspects of the collaboration: ULG


BIM workflow

  • Multidisciplinary design (sketching phase/APS/APD up to PU)
  • Execution

Data acquisition

  • Integration in a BIM workflow 
    • Use in design phase
    • Use in site phase


Project presentation

  •  3D projection/oculus  



  • Extraction from the digital mock-up 
  • Reliability of the quantities extracted from the mock-up


3D coordination

  • Different spatial coordination tools (clash detection)
  • Reporting and tracking


4D simulation (planning)

  • Phasing in Revit
  • Linking of a schedule with the digital mock-up, via Navisworks
  • Impact of project modifications on the schedule



  • Data extraction 
  • Call for tenders with C3Admin


BIM on site

Information extraction and data input

  • Bloc in Bloc
  • BIM 360 Build: site supervision
  • BIM 360 Layout: localise accurately
  • AR (augmented reality) on site


Products from manufacturers

  • Move from generic objects to objects from manufacturers
  • Integration of (pre)production in the BIM workflow



  • Types of classification
  • Advantages and disadvantages