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C3Admin extensions

Developed in Belgium since 1986 and used by more than 800 offices, the C3Admin software is a simple and fast tool for producing specifications and measurements.
C3A allows Revit users to import quantities extracted from the digital model.



Its advantages include:  

  • Standard: the software is based on Word and Excel, the market standards.   
  • Sustainable: the C3A tool has been around since 1986 and is updated for each new version of Office.   
  • Effective: routines and models automate some of the work. 
  • Easy:  the tool is ready to use and only requires limited training.   
  • Comprehensive: the software is provided with a large database of items:  the neutral 904 regulations from the Régie des Bâtiments (FR and NL), the CCTB of the Walloon region and the Flemish specifications of the VMSW.  
  • Bilingual: the tool is available in French and Dutch.   
  • Support: phone or email support is offered.  
  • Flexible:  Your internal specifications can be adapted to integrate the software.  
  • Adaptable: suggest improvements. You are in direct contact with the developer, who will integrate your suggestions if they are relevant for all users.


C3A with Revit

The C3A extensions are a plugin for Revit, Excel and Word. Thanks to this application, an architecture company may, using a BIM model in Revit, extract quantities from modelled components to produce a measurement, estimate and specifications.


Automated workflow

  • Automatic extraction of quantities from the Revit model
  • Import of quantities in Excel to produce a detailed and summary measurement
  • Automatic generation of specifications for items in the summary measurement

Note 1: Non-modelled elements can be added manually in the Excel measurement and in the specifications in Word.

Note 2: The automatic generation of the specifications concerns the items as described in the basic specifications. Any options and clarifications are then to be made manually.


Prior configuration of the environment

4 steps are required for this workflow to function:

  1. Formatting of the basic specifications in Word (attribution of styles + addition of the measuring code). 
  2. Extraction of the full list of items in Excel format from these formatted specifications, then import of this list of items in the C3A tool for Excel. 
  3. Extraction of the full list of items in txt format from these formatted specifications, then import of this list of items in Revit, as a keynote file.
  4. Attribution of an item code to each Revit family (element or material), in the keynote field.


Software required

  • Revit 2017, 2018
  • Office 2013 or 2016 64 bits
  • C3A extensions 
  • The Revit nomenclatures specific to the CCTB 
  • The Tase template provided with the TSP (recommended)

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