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Common Module: 

1. Support for Autodesk Revit 2020: MagiCAD 2020 is compatible with the new Revit 2020, as well as its previous two versions.
2. Support for Autodesk BIM 360 Design: the new version is now compatible with Autodesk BIM 360 Design. MagiCAD datasets can now be automatically synchronised in a Revit project.
3. Improvements to the Provisions tool: the new version of MagiCAD allows you to select multiple 2D symbols, as well as an optional time stamp, a tolerance setting for combining colinear openings and support for swept walls.

Schematics Module:

4. Easy editing of schematic drawings: with the Move & Stretch tool, you can easily edit schematic drawings of circuits and prevent broken links. 

Electrical Module:

5. Updated wire routing tool: the tool now displays a preview of the different alternative routes, and the most commonly used options have been added to the toolbar.

Piping Module: 

6. Use of mixing units in piping design: adding mixing units to your hot water (hydronic) system enables you to perform sizing and balancing calculations simultaneously.
7. Support for constant pressure valves: the new MagiCAD includes support for constant pressure valves when designing domestic water systems.
8. Heat loss calculation: it is now possible to calculate the heat losses and fluid temperatures of supply pipes.

Ventilation & Piping Module:

9. Connecting branches of the ventilation and piping systems: this 2020 version allows you to copy, mirror, rotate or move an entire branch in a ventilation or piping system, and connect it to an existing network. 
10. Direct modification of ducts and pipes: you can change the size of ducts and pipes, as well as insulation type, directly from the calculation report.
11. Access MagiCAD Create through MagiCAD: with the 2020 version of MagiCAD, you can start MagiCAD Create directly from inside the dataset.

Ventilation & Piping and Electrical Module:

12. New Smart Move tool: this tool allows you to easily modify the elevation offsets for selected parts of a network.

Sprinkler Module: 

13. Sprinkler Designer improvements: The EN 16925 sprinkler standard has been added to the sprinkler calculations, and the sprinkler design area drop-down list includes the required pressure levels