Through its strong links with Autodesk's development teams, Tase is aware of the technologies of the future.

We analyze the demands and market’s expectations of  today and tomorrow. Tase can share with you the result of this foresight.


"Artificial Intelligence", "Internet of Things", "Big Data", "Future of Making Things",.. So many concepts and technologies from the IT world that will become an integral part of our near future and that we are already analyzing.


How will these technologies be applied in the AEC market? What benefits will these technologies have in terms of productivity and improved production quality? Our BIMEX, BIM Experience Center, has been designed to help you understand and approach the present and the future in complete serenity. We can accompany  you on these questions and your related business decisions.


The digitization of the building data transforms the world of construction, BIM (Building Information Modeling) is increasingly adopted and used. The major players in the market in Europe have already taken the step towards this new method of work, which will be indispensable tomorrow for all companies in the sector.

If today's companies want to continue to grow, they will have to adapt to the realities of the market.

Tase accompanies you in this reflection about future and vision.


"The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every facet of the building – how we inhabit them, how we manage them, and even how we build them. There is a vast ecosystem around today’s buildings, and no part of the ecosystem is untouched. (...) "

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