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MagiCAD is a powerful piece of software intended to be used for the design of networks for ventilation, heating, air-conditioning, drinking water, wastewater, sanitary, electricity, IT, telecommunications and fire prevention systems. 

MagiCAD helps design offices and specialist installers to overcome current challenges, which include the reduction of design costs and the search for improved profitability. MagiCAD allows them to complete their design projects quickly with satisfactory results. 

The unique advantages offered by MagiCAD are accessible to any designer of Autodesk software solutions, including Revit.



  • Improved profitability by working with real products
  • MagiCAD provides access to hundreds of thousands of products modelled in 3D
  • The models are designed with accurate dimensions and contain all technical data required
  • You can perform accurate calculations and control collisions
  • Pressure losses and sound levels are also calculated within MagiCAD
  • Modules available: Ventilation, Heating & Piping and Electrical
  • MagiCAD for Revit is perfect for a BIM method (Building Information Modelling)
  • Easy to customise to the standards of a client or specific country
  • By working with Revit, you are at the cutting edge of technology
  • MagiCAD projects for Revit can be managed within a single model, all steps included
  • A single model in a common database simplifies changes and reduces the risk of errors
  • Support and training from professionals experienced in the building’s technical equipment.


The following modules are available:

  • Ventilation: Complete BIM solution for the design and calculation of ventilation.
  • Piping: Complete BIM solution for the design and calculation of heating, cooling and water supply systems as well as evacuation and irrigation systems and other specialist installations.
  • Electrical: Complete BIM solution for the design and calculation of electrical, lighting, telecommunications and data systems.
  • Sprinkler: Powerful drawing functions with integrated built-in intelligent sprinkler calculation.
  • Schematics: New schematics design module used to synchronise and share data between circuit schematics and the model.

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