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An increasing number of SMEs integrate a part of all of their IT infrastructure, their software and their data in the Cloud. 


What is Cloud computing?

Cloud computing consists of exporting all or some of the applications operating on the servers located in your company to servers located outside the company.

Why is it useful to your company?

Cloud computing allows you to rationalise your IT infrastructure investments while also having constant access to your data wherever you are.

A secure Internet connection allows you to access any type of file without having to worry about the software required for its use. All this via a desktop or laptop computer, a smartphone or even a tablet.

Tase as Proximus IT Expert helps you to choose the Cloud solution suitable to your needs.



  • Work, wherever you are - Your data is saved centrally. This means your partners can access it from anywhere: at home, at the office, on a client’s premises, etc.
  • Spend less on ICT – New servers, new material, etc. All this costs more and is quickly obsolete. When you store your data in the Cloud, your ICT provider is responsible for the updating and maintenance of your infrastructure.
  • Only pay for what you use – The size of your Cloud server evolves with that of your company. Want to increase or reduce the size of your business? Your Cloud infrastructure keeps pace with your SME and adapts to your needs.


By using the Proximus infrastructure, your data is stored in the two largest data centres in Belgium. This means we guarantee knowledge of where your company’s data is stored.

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