TRANSOFT - Autoturn 

AutoTURN is a piece of interactive and sophisticated CAD software specifically designed for professional road design. This innovative and profitable programme gives users greater capacity for analysing and assessing vehicle manoeuvres for which the access, clearance and manoeuvrability must be checked when designing junctions, roundabouts, bus terminals, loading ramps or for any other off-road manoeuvring.

AutoTURN's functions:

Automated search

Enter the basic parameters of the simulation and AutoTURN will do the rest. Forget trial and error!


Vehicle library

Vehicles compliant with European, American and Australian standards and the option to create your own vehicles.


Dynamic design

Put your simulations directly in your CAD software and direct the vehicle with your mouse.


SmartPath Tools

4 interactive driving modes for manoeuvres in forward and reverse while considering understeer and oversteer.


Forward and reverse directional axles

Negotiate tight corners with your lorries and articulated buses.


Creation of video presentations

Create video presentations: Use InVision to edit your simulations in video format. Use in moderation to present your ideas and convince your customers!


AutoTURN® for Autodesk® Revit® is an easy-to-use turning blueprint analysis tool allowing engineers, architects and other design professionals to perform simple turns from the Revit environment. Revit users can benefit from the intelligence, database and potential of AutoTURN when it comes to turning and blueprint analysis to simulate turning manoeuvres and identify the project’s constraints or limits.

AutoTURN® Lite offers engineers and architects working in the urban planning sector, who are thus sensitive to costs, a simple and reliable option for performing vehicle simulations when designing access roads, loading areas, car parks and property access.

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