We have different types of consultants who are ready to help you with the modelling, coordination or management of your projects.

BIM Manager

  • BIM methodology manager
  • Management monitoring of BIM objectives and uses
  • In charge of communication and work between those involved in the project
  • Guarantor of the BIM charter (or BIM protocol) and the BIM execution plan
  • Definition of the BIM production schedule
  • Establishment of CLASH detection reports, which have been produced by the BIM Coordinator

BIM Coordinator

  • In charge of communication between the BIM Manager and the modellers
  • In charge of the technical coordination of their discipline
  • Monitors respect of the rules and charters defined by the BIM Manager
  • Guarantees the quality of the BIM model produced by the BIM Modellers
  • Production of the CLASH detection relevant to their disciple and also relative to other disciplines

BIM Modeller

  • In charge of the production of the BIM model
  • Applies the rules and charters established by the BIM Manager
  • Works under the supervision of the BIM Coordinator
  • Resolution of CLASH cases or conflicts detected by the BIM Coordinator
  • Competency: construction technique and IT technique