Your goal

To facilitate the awarding of service and works contracts

Tase allows you to:
•    Understand BIM methodology and its requirements in a project 
•    Assess the BIM skills of those present on the market
•    Integrate BIM into your contract award procedures 
•    Improve the collaboration between your teams and your chosen agents 
•    Facilitate the understanding, monitoring and validation of deliverables for BIM projects 
•    Have an ‘as built’ file at the end of the project for facility management purposes 

Our products for public sector

AEC Collection

This collection comprises integrated BIM tools for the design of buildings, infrastructure and construction.

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The effective software for using BIM technology.

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BIM 360 Docs

Document management for your projects

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BIM 360 Glue

BIM collaboration and coordination of a construction project

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The ideal control tool! 

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This is a BIM engineering and geospatial technology platform for planning, design and analysis in a real context.

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