We’ve been waiting, and it’s finally here! The SketchUp Pro 2019 update is now available. Once again there are fresh improvements, but above all this 2019 version is designed to make the modelling software even simpler and more intuitive.

New features

  • A dashed line system for layers.

This new line type enables you to represent all your design ideas. Whether you want to mark out a property or identify a wall to demolish. 

  • Improvements to the measurement tool. 

With this update, by simply hovering over a surface with the ‘Tape Measure’ tool’s cursor, you can see all the measurement information you need. 

  • Optimum virtual reality management. 

By downloading the ‘SketchUp Viewer’ app, you can now view your 3D projects in augmented or virtual reality. This makes it even easier to plan your project.

  • An optimised LayOut

Thanks to the new Trimble Connect, there’s no longer a risk of finding your LayOut changed when several people are working on it at the same time. This new 2019 version also makes unexpected changes more difficult, notifying you if a document is already open. 

New licensing

For its 2019 version, the software also has new licensing features. This means maintenance agreements and new subscriptions are valid for a one-year period. For users with a licence that expired within the past 3 years, the update will also be available without having to pay a re-joining fee, only a supplementary charge. Meanwhile, users with a licence that expired more than 3 years ago must purchase a new licence to use the latest version of SketchUp Pro.

Our SketchUp Pro training 

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